Curious Collectors, Natural History Museum

Curious Collectors was a site-specific commission for the Natural History Museum in London, a week-long interactive performance that encouraged families to look at and explore the museum in a different way. In particular we wanted to show the museum to be a living scientific institution full of people discovering, describing and classifying new species all the time.

We designed and build four classification stations and we really enjoyed seeing them brought to life by visitors and performers.

Conceived by Andy Field
Produced by Beckie Darlington
Designed by Gary Campbell & Jeannine Inglis-Hall
Performed by Nigel Barrett, Vanessa Hammick, Thomas Martin, Christopher Brett Bailey, Greg McLaren, Nick Rutherford, Jasmine Loveys, Aimee Corbett, Lara Hayworth and Andy Field.
Commissioned by Sarah Punshon on behalf of the NHM